Download and read a Companions of the Cross Newsletter article on the Treasures of the Church Ministry.

Download and read a National Catholic Register feature article on the Treasures of the Church Ministry.

          Download and read a follow-up article by the National Catholic Register.

Download a copy of the List of the Saints on Display at the Treasures of the Church Exposition.

Download an interview of Fr. Carlos Martins by journalist Robert Brennen (contains the account of Fr. Carlos' conversion from atheism).

Download the Complete Set of Information Cards that accompany each relic at an exposition (15 mb file).

Download an excellent biography of St. Philip Neri.

Treasures of the Church


Fr. Carlos Martins, CC
Treasures of the Church
17320 Rosemont Ave
Detroit, MI   48219


Fr. Carlos Martins, CC
Treasures of the Church
685 Finch Ave West
Toronto, Ontario    M2R 1P2


Chief Legal Council and Holy See Liason:
       Dr. Domenico Musso, KHS

Chief of Logistics and Tour Operations:
       Mr. Paul Ousey


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