Experience of the Sacred Relics

Treasures of the Church is a ministry of evangelization of the Catholic Church


Experience of the Sacred Relics

Father Carlos uses multi-media to give a teaching on the Church's use of relics that is scriptural, catechetical, and devotional, leading to a renewal of the Catholic faith for many people. After the teaching, an exposition of relics gives the faithful an opportunity to venerate some of their favorite saints.


Encounter with the Living God

The veneration of relics is a communion with the heroes of our Christian faith, asking for their powerful intercession. Many people have reported outstanding blessings and conversions through this ministry, and many have reported healings.

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Here are links to other ministries of interest.

  • Companions of the Cross
    This is the site of the religious community to which Fr. Carlos belongs.
  • Servants of the Cross
    This is the site of the Companions of the Cross sister community which incarnates our spirituality within a community of women.
  • Congregation for the Causes of Saints
    This is the Vatican Congregation with the charge of overseeing the process of Canonization.
  • Free Catholic Books
    This is a collection of downloadable Catholic books including many books on and by the Saints.
  • Saints Books
    This is a large collection of downloadable books written by Saints.
  • Saints Wallpaper for your mobile phone
    Three are available: Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, Pope St. John Paul II, and St. Damien of Molokai
  • Saint Anthony Chapel
    An extradinarily beautiful chapel in the heart of the city of Pittsburgh containing one of the largest collection of relics in the world.  Built in 1880, it houses the remains of over 5,000 saints within exquisite reliquaries.
  • Excellent sites for information on the Saints:
    • Patron Saints Index
      Conatins general biographies of over 6000 Saints and Blesseds.  Make sure you view the side menu on the right side of the page for options to view the calendar of Saints (e.g., check out whose feast day is today) or the patronage list (see who the Patron Saints of cancer are; the Patron Saints of schoolchildren, etc.)
    • Hagiography Circle
      Contains biographies of newly canonized Saints and newly beatified Blesseds.  It also has an extensive lists of Venerables and Servants of God in the various stages of the canonization process.
    • Santi i Beati
      This Italian language site contains general biographies on thousands and thousands of Saints and Blesseds.  It is the most complete site on the internet and has a fantastic collection of the pictures of the Saints.




"To get good from reading the lives of the saints and other spiritual books, we ought not to read out of curiosity, or skimmingly, but with pauses; and when we feel ourselves warmed, we ought not to pass on, but to stop and follow up the spirit which is stirring in us, and when we feel it no longer then to pursue our reading."

-- St. Philip Neri

Treasures of the Church


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