His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

Cardinal_DiNardo“Teaching true and proper devotion to the Saints is an important element of our Catholic Faith. As models and intercessors, the Saints are our benefactors, aiding us with the example of their lives and by their prayers, something that Fr. Martins has worked hard to instill in every Catholic.”

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National Catholic Register“Mysteriously Powerful.”

Joan Frawley Desmond
National Catholic Register

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His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Cardinal Burke PortraitFather Carlos Martins, CC, is to be commended for the Treasures of the Church evangelization apostolate. It is my hope that many parishes will have the opportunity to host the exposition of the Treasures of the Church for the spiritual enrichment of their faithful.


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National Catholic Register“Father Martins’ carries the saints’ touch of tenderness to parishes across North America through his Treasures of the Church exposition. The relics are a tangible source of solace to the faithful.”

Celeste Behe
National Catholic Register

Upcoming Expositions

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Dear Friends,

After being on the road 250 days in 2022, I am taking a much-needed break. A schedule for the first part of 2023 will be posted soon.

In the meantime, however, please note the following project I am currently spearheading.

After several years of development, I am pleased to announce the release of “The Exorcist Files,” an audio docu-drama podcast and collection of teachings based on my experiences as an exorcist. The series was developed with the Vatican and iHeartMedia, the largest publisher of podcasts in the world. You can now subscribe using the links on the official website www.exorcistfiles.tv or wherever you get your podcasts.

Due to the ever-increasing de-Christianization of western society, the rise in occult practices (even among Christians), and the poor state of Christian religious formation, the need for deliverance and exorcism ministry has increased dramatically. Since I have worked closely with the Vatican and served as an exorcist in North America and Europe, the Holy See asked me to undertake a catechesis about the Church’s teaching regarding the demonic, spiritual warfare, and exorcism.

Each episode is based on one of my exorcism case files which I use to illustrate various topics, such as how one becomes possessed, why demons desire to inhabit people and things, how an afflicted person is freed, and how to protect oneself against evil. A unique feature of this show is that all episodes feature dramatic re-enactments, portrayed by professional voice actors, along with my narration of relevant teaching and information.

Why would I include re-enactments and not simply provide lectures on each topic? Three reasons. One, the Church puts out teaching constantly, and very few chime in. Most people regard lectures—especially lectures on religious topics—as boring. As we are quickly losing the Christian culture, utilizing a different approach has become necessary. Two, I believe dramatizations of actual events give the listener a better appreciation of the adversarial nature of evil and what can happen when it makes its way into our lives. It also makes the need for personal conversion much more convincing. Three, young persons aged eighteen to twenty-nine are increasingly leaving organized religion. A recent Pew survey found that the number of religiously unaffiliated persons in this demographic increased from 15 percent to almost 20 percent in just five years. However, another survey showed that a whopping 63 percent of the same demographic believe that people can become possessed by demons, a figure higher than any other group. Evidently, in the age group most disinterested in religion, something is occurring in their lives that makes them conclude demons are real. I feel it necessary to reach out to this age group—using podcasts, a medium with which they are familiar—to aid them in interpreting their experiences in a healthy manner and to direct them to the One that has vanquished evil.

At www.exorcistfiles.tv you can use the relevant links (Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.) to download the episodes when they are released beginning January 25, 2023, the Solemnity of the Conversion of St. Paul. You can also sign up at the bottom of that page to be notified when each podcast is released. I highly encourage everyone to sign up with their email, as those who do so will be the first to be notified of another forthcoming special release on the same topic.

Please note that the series is intended for an adult audience.

Peace and blessings +
Fr. Carlos Martins


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