Upcoming Expositions

The date and location of the next expositions are as follows:

Fr. Carlos Martins will be moving the Toronto office of Treasures of the Church to Michigan this summer (during August and September).  

Expositions will start up again in the fall.  Have a blessed summer and may the saints be with everyone.

Why not ask your pastor to host an exposition at your parish?  Click here for the exposition request webform.





Treasures of the Church


Fr. Carlos Martins, CC
Treasures of the Church
1949 Cullen Blvd
Houston, Texas 77023


Fr. Carlos Martins, CC
Treasures of the Church
685 Finch Ave West
Toronto, Ontario    M2R 1P2


Chief Legal Council and Holy See Liason: Dr. Domenico Musso, KHS

Chief of Logistics: Paul Ousey


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