His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

Cardinal_DiNardo“Teaching true and proper devotion to the Saints is an important element of our Catholic Faith. As models and intercessors, the Saints are our benefactors, aiding us with the example of their lives and by their prayers, something that Fr. Martins has worked hard to instill in every Catholic.”

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National Catholic Register“Mysteriously Powerful.”

Joan Frawley Desmond
National Catholic Register

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His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Cardinal Burke PortraitFather Carlos Martins, CC, is to be commended for the Treasures of the Church evangelization apostolate. It is my hope that many parishes will have the opportunity to host the exposition of the Treasures of the Church for the spiritual enrichment of their faithful.


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National Catholic Register“Father Martins’ carries the saints’ touch of tenderness to parishes across North America through his Treasures of the Church exposition. The relics are a tangible source of solace to the faithful.”

Celeste Behe
National Catholic Register

Endorsements and Testimonials

Dicastery for the Causes of Saints

We live in times in which the call to holiness—through the living witness of those who have given their lives to Christ—must be decisively proposed to the men and women of today.

This important ministry will be of great spiritual fruit to kindle in all hearts a call to holiness, and I express my best wishes for its success, which I accompany with the Lord’s blessing.


His Eminence Marcello Cardinal Semeraro
Prefect of the Dicastry for the Causes of Saints
Vatican City

The veneration of sacred relics, which has a long and unbroken history in the Church, is an important reminder to us of our communion of the Saints, of their intercession for us and of the final goal of our life in the enjoyment of the Beatific Vision.  Over the past decades, the veneration of sacred relics has suffered neglect, and Father Carlos Martins is to be commended for the Treasures of the Church evangelization apostolate by which he not only makes sacred relics available for veneration, but also instructs the faithful on the true and proper devotion to the saints and the pious veneration of their sacred remains.  It is not surprising that many who attend the expositions experience a renewal of faith and are deeply moved by their encounters with these treasures of the Church.  It is my hope that many parishes will have the opportunity to host the exposition of the Treasures of the Church for the spiritual enrichment of their faithful.

His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
Vatican City

For several years you have ministered in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston with your Treasures of the Church ministry.  Your work has left a positive impact, and I have heard favorable comments from the priests that have hosted the ministry at their parishes and schools.

Teaching true and proper devotion to the Saints is an important element of our Catholic Faith.  As models and intercessors, the Saints are our benefactors, aiding us with the example of their lives and by their prayers, something that you have worked hard to instill in every Catholic.

I thank you for your work and service to the Archdiocese.  We have been enriched by your ministry, your catechesis on the Saints and their relics, and by your service to the Archdiocese.  In addition, I thank you for your consultative service to us in your capacity as a Custos Reliquiarum.

200px-Cardinal_DiNardo_Archbishop_of_Galveston_Houston_COA--smallHis Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
Archbishop of Galveston-Houston


As demonstrated in Scripture, the Lord always surprises by causing great spiritual events to arise from the Saints—from those who find their strength in God and love Him to the full. This wonderful ministry awakens and strengthens faith and devotion, and I hope it will be as extensive and profound as possible.

I am certain that the journeying of the Sacred Relics will bear fruit not only in the Churches that host them but also in their respective nations, which will undoubtedly receive a spillover of grace.

I join this pilgrimage spiritually, invoking the Lord through the intercession of the Saints, and I pray that all those who venerate their relics may be showered with every blessing from Him.

Most Reverend Mariano Crociata
Bishop of Latina
President of the European Bishops’
Commission (COMECE)


I am pleased to recommend Treasures of the Church and to offer my gratitude to Father Carlos Martins for his important ministry. Through Father Martins’ efforts and travels, these relics present the faithful with tangible connections to the holy men and women—models of faith and virtue—who have gone before us, and whose assistance and prayers are so important in our lives.

Most Reverend Joseph Strickland
Bishop Emeritus of Tyler


Father Martins brought this ministry to the Diocese of Tulsa, and there were hundreds of the faithful who came to the hear the talks and stayed—some for five or six hours—to spend time among the relics of the saints.

The reaction of the faithful was positive and enthusiastic.  Father Martins presented a thorough and passionate explanation on both the Church’s doctrine of the intercession of the saints and of the historic practice of the veneration of their sacred relics.  After his presentation, the faithful were provided with an unparalleled opportunity to walk among the reliquaries, to touch them and thus to venerate the saints in a profoundly incarnational way.  The intimacy of this encounter with the saints was an experience that more than one person described as ‘life-changing.’

I highly recommend that pastors of souls consider hosting this ministry so that it can be experienced by as many of the faithful as possible.

Bishop_Slattery_coat_of_armsMost Reverend Edward J. Slattery
Bishop Emeritus of Tulsa

People long to touch Heaven. Saints, through their intercession and example, lead us there. The spiritual fruits of Father Martins’ ‘Treasures of the Church’ presentations on saints, holy relics, and living the Faith continue to flourish in the parishes and schools of our diocese. His engaging and compelling message, appropriately tailored for children and adults, has moved hearts closer to our Lord. We support and pray for the continued success of Father Martins’ beautiful apostolate and global mission of evangelization.

Bishop_Conley_coat_of_armsMost Reverend John O. Barres
Bishop of Rockville Centre


Our diocese hosted eight expositions of sacred relics in our parishes led by Father Carlos Martins.  I have received numerous glowing reports regarding both the quality of the teaching by Father Martins and also the enthusiastic responses from those who attended.  Church after church was filled to capacity for Father’s presentations on sacred relics.

Each of these people heard a solid catechesis and a strong exhortation from a faithful priest to trust God to reform their lives.  I am sure that many unseen fruits will result from these days of seed sown.

On behalf of the many pastors and lay Catholics who were blessed by this dynamic and faithful ministry, please accept my thanks for such a good apostolate.

Bishop_Conley_coat_of_armsMost Reverend James D. Conley
Bishop of Lincoln

I commend Father Martins for this ministry in which the theology and devotions of the Catholic Church, as they relate to Saints and Relics, is presented.  Hundreds of the faithful come to his talks, leaving touched and moved.  The reaction of the faithful has been enthusiastic.   Fr. Martins is thorough and passionate.  The opportunity to reflect upon the lives of the saints in the presence of their relics is a graced and frequently ‘life-changing’ experience.  I join other Bishops in recommending to pastors that they give serious consideration to hosting this presentation.

Bishop_Robert_F._Vasa_coat_of_armsMost Reverend Robert F. Vasa
Bishop of Santa Rosa


Father Martins made generous accomodations in his schedule to be present in our diocese and offer his ministry.  Parishioners and guests, as well as students from our elementary, middle, and high schools, were moved by Fr. Martins’ enthusiasm and knowledge which led to an encounter with members of the communion of the saints with the goal to imitate them in their holiness.  Indeed, the hearts of many have been set on fire!  I hope many others benefit from this wonderful evangelization by means of our beautiful patrimony and communion of the saints.

Coat of arms of Michael Gerard Duca.svgMost Reverend Michael G. Duca
Bishop of Schreveport


On behalf of the Diocese of Pueblo, I would like to thank you for sharing your passion for our saints and for visiting us with their relics.  We have had a great deal of positive feedback regarding your presentation and we have had an increased devotion amongst the faithful in the Diocese of Pueblo.

Bishop Stephen Berg coat of arms Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg
Bishop of Pueblo


Thank you for the fine presentation you gave to the people of the Diocese. The Treasures of the Church program helped those who were in attendance to reflect on the meaning and value of relics in the life of the Church in a balanced and uplifting way. Your words were clear, insightful, sound and inspiring. I was particularly moved, as were the many persons in attendance, by your compelling narrative of the story of St. Maria Goretti and the forgiveness that she showed to her perpetrator, leading to his own conversion of heart.

The exposition of the relics following your presentation was intensely spiritual for those who prayed before the many sacred objects of these great intercessors on our behalf. The entire night was well done and of great benefit for the ongoing efforts of the Church to bring people closer to Christ, especially through the examples and prayers of the Saints. May your ministry continue to be a blessing to many.

Bishop Malesic Coat of Arms Most Reverend Edward C. Malesic
Bishop of Cleveland


Thank you for sharing with our Faithful the wonderful collections of Relics of our friends in heaven.  You shared many stories and gave testimony to your love for the Lord and His Saints.  Your talk touched many that were in the pews.  Since we live to imitate these great Saints it means a lot to the faithful to be able to pray and touch these Saints who lived holy lives.

These Sacred Expositions draw the faithful into a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church.  I pray you will continue this work of the Lord for years to come.

Bishop Stephen Berg coat of armsMost Reverend Francis Y. Kalabat
Bishop of St. Thomas the Apostle, Chaldean Catholic Diocese of the United States


The Treasures of the Church relic tour rejuvenated the faith of our people and gave them a desire to become saints.  Your talk inspired the faithful to greater understanding and newfound appreciation for the lives of the saints.

In our desire to evangelize and catechize within our diocese, the relic tour was a great boost in this endeavor.

200px-Cardinal_DiNardo_Archbishop_of_Galveston_Houston_COA--smallMost Reverend Gerald L. Vincke
Bishop of Salina


Your ministry has had a very positive impact on our diocese. I would recommend Treasures of the Church for other parishes and dioceses, and I hope you will be able to return to our diocese in the near future.

Bishop Sis coat of armsMost Reverend Michael J. Sis
Bishop of San Angelo


Fr. Carlos Martins engaged in a remarkable feat of evangelical catechesis in the Diocese of Baker as he traversed the diocese from north to south and from east to west, drawing packed crowds at every stop.

I caught him in Central Oregon at St. Thomas Parish (one of our largest churches), which was full. Father Martins held the audience, myself included, in the palm of his hand.

With convincing examples from the Gospels and from the Acts of the Apostles, Father Martins lucidly recounted the Scriptural underpinning of our reverence for relics of the holy ones. He proceed to tell particularly compelling stories of certain saints, which he related in striking detail. These biographical accounts Father took care to couple with very realistic catechesis on central elements of our faith: sin and conversion, healing and confession, devotion to the saints and the Eucharist. The sense of awe was palpable.

I hope God will bring Father Martins to us again.

450px Coat of arms of Liam CaryMost Reverend Liam Cary
Bishop of Baker


I write to share my formal appreciation for your relic apostolate.  The Diocese of Green Bay was fortunate to host Treasures of the Church.  The expositions were well received by our parish communities.  Thank you For Martins for your devotion to the sacred relics and your love for the Church.

May the Holy Spirit continue to bless and guide you through your ministry and good work.

Coat of arms of David Laurin RickenMost Reverend David L. Ricken
Bishop of Green Bay


What a joy it was to have you in Colorado Springs. Your presentation on the role that relics have in our Catholic piety was heard and appreciated by many and will contribute greatly to a renewal of devotion to the saints in our diocese. I join with many of my brother bishops in commending your Treasures of the Church ministry to all the Catholic faithful.

Coat of arms of Michael John SheridanMost Reverend Michael Sheridan
Bishop Emeritus of Colorado Springs


Fr. Carlos Martins’ “Treasures of the Church” ministry was welcomed as shared with our faithful at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in the Diocese of Boise, Idaho. It is a most impressive and comprehensive display of the heroes of our faith who have gone before us but who remain with us. Viewing the relics, and reading the life story of each Saint, inspires the participant to follow their example in the pursuit of holiness.

Included with the presentation was Fr. Martins telling of the story of the life of St. Maria Goretti. It was exceptional. His words revealed the impact this young woman had on the entire world. The forgiveness she offers her persecutor before her death at his hands is powerful. Then to hear that Maria’s mother, who offered similar forgiveness to the man who murdered her daughter, is telling of God’s love for all humanity. A great message of God’s love.

Fr. Martins’ presentation is truly a worthy treasure to behold!

Coat of arms of Peter Forsyth ChristensenMost Reverend Peter Christensen
Bishop of Boise

I am deeply grateful to you for the blessings you brought through your important ministry. You provided a teachable moment to the many people who turned out for your informative and deeply spiritual presentations. I am still receiving comments about how powerful the experience was and the effects that it had on their lives. Your time with us was truly a grace-filled moment.

I hope that we will be able to find a time in the future for you to make a return trip. My prayers for you and for the good work you are doing. I ask the Lord to continue to bless and multiply the fruits of your ministry.

Most Reverend Jeffrey Grob
Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago


The Treasures of the Church presentation was very well received at the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon.  Fr. Carlos Martins gave an uplifting talk on the importance of relics in strengthening not only or faith, but our confidence in God.  After the talk, visitors were able to venerate the relics arranged in an orderly and easy manner.  Many could be seen kneeling in prayer and asking for the saints’ intercession.  It was a great day of peace and blessings.

Coat of Arms Chorbishop color

Most Reverend Chorbishop Anthony Spinosa
Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles


Fr. Carlos Martins’ Ministry, Treasures of the Church, is a dynamic instrument that draws the faithful into the reality of the Communion of Saints. Not merely displaying relics but by explaining these Sacred Mysteries, he also shows forth their healing and transformative power. His work is unique and powerful; I know of no other ministry like it!

Dr. Scott Hahn
Franciscan University
Steubenville, Ohio

 I found the Treasures of the Church to be a very moving and inspiring event.  Fr. Martins is a captivating presenter.  The display of relics is stunning and most conducive to prayer.  I have recommended the exhibit to many and all of who have visited have been very grateful for the opportunity.

Prof. Janet E. Smith
Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Detroit, Michigan


It was a joy to welcome Fr. Carlos Martins to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.  His talk was fascinating and Spirit-filled and his witness to the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith was dynamic and moving.  The work that he is doing with his presentation of relics is important to the work of the whole Church.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Pastor, Our Lady of the Rosary Church
Greenville, South Carolina
Author of the Blog, Standing on My Head


The exhibition, Treasures of the Church, was undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the year in the Diocese of Venice. For anyone who spent time venerating the relics, the reverence and devotion of hundreds of school children and thousands of parishioners was unmistakable. Father Martins held the school children spellbound with his retelling of the story of St. Maria Goretti. His skill as a storyteller, his ability to adapt to audiences of all ages, and his genuine devotion to the saints contributed to a powerful experience of sanctity in the Catholic Church for everyone involved. I recommend this exhibition most highly!

Rev. John Belmonte, S.J., Ph.D.
Superintendent of Catholic Education
Diocese of Venice


It was our privilege to host the relics.  What a joy! It was one of the highlights of the year and the event continues to bear much fruit. It was an especially memorable day for our youth. Having heros present was a tangible reminder to them that they, too, can be great in their love and devotion to God. Your presentation was wonderful in an age appropriate way for the children and then again appropriate for the adults who came later in the day to venerate.

We have heard of a number of healings including emotional, relational and perhaps physical.

We pray that God will continue to shower your ministry with His love and grace.

Fr. John Riccardo
Executive Director of ACTS XXIX

Thank you for such a wonderful visit with the relics.  As the superintendent of Catholic schools, it brought such great joy to me and my bishop, Most. Rev. Felipe J. Estévez, to see so many young people, their families and especially the numbers that came from our Catholic schools to participate in such an amazing experience of Mercy and Love. It was an opportunity for children, families and individuals to approach the relics and pray for healing and growth.

To this day I still hear our students speak of this wonderful encounter. Our bishop just said Mass at one of our local Catholic high schools and once again spoke of the visit of the relics.

For our community and for the universal church, we are so blessed to have had this opportunity during the Jubilee Year of Mercy and during the preparation for the Synod on the Family to have such an encounter. May the visit of these relics inspire and draw people to prayer and reflection.  God Bless you and your ministry.

Deacon Scott J. Conway
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Diocese of St. Augustine

In my years of priestly ministry, I have not hosted an event more fruitful than the Treasures of the Church relics exposition. Remarkable have been the number of healings reported, the surge in people seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the noteworthy depth of confessions, and the impressive sentiment expressed about the event. May our gracious and loving Lord continue to richly bless many through this immensely life-giving ministry.

Fr. Adam Reid
Pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
Webster, Massachusetts

It was a great joy to host you and the relics tour at St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis.  My confreres and I were very pleased to meet you.  We enjoyed above all the priestly and apostolic zeal with which you presented the magnificent collection of relics to all of us, our congregation, and countless guests from all over St. Louis and beyond.

Rev. Canon Michael K. Wiener
Rector of St. Francis de Sales Oratory
St. Louis, Missouri


The many, many people who came to view the collection, including Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, found it to be very spiritually rewarding as well as educational.  Many even returned with their friends and family and they have asked that we have the collection here again.

Fr. Michael Barrett
Director, Holy Cross Chapel
Houston, Texas


What a blessing you are to parishioners of the various churches you visit!  Your relic exposition is magnificent and comments, such as “wonderful … touching … spiritual … amazing” were just some of the responses expressed.  Father Carlos may the good Lord and His Mother, Mary Queen, continue to bless your ministry.  You are doing great things.

Fr. Phil Negley
Pastor of Mary Queen Church
Friendswood, Texas


Thank you for coming with the relics to our parish.  I want you to know that it was a wonderful experience for me and the parish.  I saw a tremendous faith shown by the people which delighted me.  Thank you for strengthening our faith by this sacred apostolate.

Fr. John Noone
Pastor of Annunciation Catholic Church
Kiln, Mississippi

The Exposition of the Sacred Relics was not merely a unique presentation, but a spiritually moving encounter with the Church Triumphant for all those who attended, listened, touched and prayed with the Saints – whose presence, for me, was positively palpable. 

Fr. Lance Oser
Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Church
Hoven, South Dakota

An excellent exposition of the sacred Relics with reference to Scripture, spirituality, and catechesis so that people might understand the richness of the tradition of the Catholic Church… I strongly recommend [it] to any parish.

Fr. Vincent Pereira, JCD
Pastor of St. Theresa’s Church
Canonical Judge of the Canadian Appeal Tribunal
Ottawa, Ontario

Your recent visit to our parish has been a great blessing, not only to our parish, but to the diocese of Nashville at large.  Many people, parishioners from both my parish ad outlying parishes, are still talking about the Exposition.  It is no exaggeration to say that everyone that attended had their Faith ignited–from the youngest to the very elderly.

Fr. Mingle (Michael) F. D’Souza
Pastor of St. Pius X Church
Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you for coming to St. John Vianney Parish this past week.  With around 450 people the night was a success!  The people are still talking about that night.  What a great talk on relics and the saints that explain your ministry and help many Catholics understand, explain, and defend this aspect of our faith.  The opportunity for so many people to ask God for aid through the saints was moving.  Thank you for doing this.

Fr. Thomas Refermat, STL
Pastor of St. John Vianney Church
Northlake, Illinois

I was impressed by your professional approach to the event.  The relics were laid out very well and your talk was smooth and informative.  Several of my parishioners were deeply moved by the night and were talking about it even a week after you left.  Please know that you are always welcome at my parish and I pray that God will bless you for raising awareness to the heroes of our faith.

Fr. John Mullins
Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish
Bramelea, Ontario

Your Scriptural and spiritual media presentation inspired and touched in a unique way. The opportunity to touch the relics and to pray and read the informational material at their leisure, allowed each person to get a whole new spiritual perspective of our Catholic faith. You are always welcome back.

Fr. Patrick J. Sheedy
Pastor of Blessed Trinity Church
Ocala, Florida

Your presentation was clear, orderly, and moving.  The display of the relics was wonderful.  I received only positive feedback from your visit.  The short time was like a mini-mission.  We would love to have you back.

Fr. Edward Markley, O.S.B.
Pastor of St. Michael’s Church
St. Florian, Alabama

In deep appreciation on behalf of the parishioners of St. Andrew’s and surrounding parishes for your great presentation, deep love and devotion for the Saints of God.  You have a wonderful gift in your devotion and you are definitely using it for the greater glory of God. 

Fr. Gerald David
Pastor of St. Andrew Church
Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

Your recent visit to my parish for two evenings was a memorable experience for all who attended.  Your talk in the church was very informative and the exposition of relics in the parish hall was well received.

Msgr. John M Kuzmich
Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Church
Fort Wayne, Indiana

I want to thank you for your wonderful relic exposition at St. Patrick’s Church.  The spiritual graces that resulted from this event have resulted in numerous phone calls from parishioners who are now asking when you will be coming back again.  So much good resulted from this particular event.  I am so grateful that you included us in your travels.  Please know that you are always welcome at St. Patrick’s and we would be grateful for your return with the relics in the near future.

Fr. Peter G. Jankowski
Pastor of St. Patrick’s Church
Joliet, Illinois