His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

Cardinal_DiNardo“Teaching true and proper devotion to the Saints is an important element of our Catholic Faith. As models and intercessors, the Saints are our benefactors, aiding us with the example of their lives and by their prayers, something that Fr. Martins has worked hard to instill in every Catholic.”

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National Catholic Register“Mysteriously Powerful.”

Joan Frawley Desmond
National Catholic Register

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His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Cardinal Burke PortraitFather Carlos Martins, CC, is to be commended for the Treasures of the Church evangelization apostolate. It is my hope that many parishes will have the opportunity to host the exposition of the Treasures of the Church for the spiritual enrichment of their faithful.


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National Catholic Register“Father Martins’ carries the saints’ touch of tenderness to parishes across North America through his Treasures of the Church exposition. The relics are a tangible source of solace to the faithful.”

Celeste Behe
National Catholic Register

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How your donation will make a difference:

Treasures of the Church does not charge a host for an exposition.  It also does not request reimbursement of its significant transportation costs, even though the ministry travels worldwide.  This policy is to allow all hosts—even the poorest parishes, schools, prisons, and third-world countries—the opportunity to experience the visit of the Saints without being burdened by cost. 

The ministry does not receive funding from the Vatican, any Conference of Bishops, diocese, or religious order.  Its financial needs are provided solely by the people of God.  Folks like yourself, who desire to support the work of the Saints, are this ministry’s lifeline, enabling it to do what it does.

Thank you for stepping out in faith.  May the Saints obtain for you every good thing and may your gift redound to your benefit for eternity. 

Fr. Carlos Martins